Things About Me

Kaitlyn English

Adam W. Magic Mountain @ Santos - Belleview, FL

3 Things That Are Important to me.

The three things that are important to me are hunting, my brother and my dad, both of them have influenced me into the things I like. My brother and I aren't really close but he has influenced some of the choices I make or the things I like. He got me into mountain biking. He bought me my mountain bike which brought us closer. My dad is also another person who has influenced me because he got brother and I into hunting and even though we mainly hog hunt, we go hunting for Deer and Turkey also. Hunting is important to me because even if you didn't get anything it was still a good hunting trip. Hunting teaches you to be aware or your surroundings. My Brother, hunting and my dad are the three things that are important to me.

My Influences

  • Parents
  • My Brother
  • Friends in Florida
  • Grandparents