Equality & Diversity Presentations

Our presentations were based on the subject Equality & Diversity. There wasn't much research to do as most of it was common sense like the definitions of equality, diversity, rights and the discriminatory practice. When examples were needed I linked in my work experience so that was great. Although i was nervous when it was time to present but after presenting the first slide i was fine and it ran smoothly. I got positive feedback and some small improvements to focus on for the next time. The positive feedback which I got was I made eye contact, had great knowledge of all the subjects also I provided examples for each one and spoke about everything confidently. The improvements I got were not to be nervous also don't add too much information into my slides try to keep it as simple bullet points so I can explain in detail when I'm presenting. My honest opinion is it wasn't as bad as I though it would be also I was happy with the feedback I got from my tutor as well as the guest assessor.