Pollution, How Could it be so Bad?

By: Elise McEldowney

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A family with a small child moved to a new town. They kept complaining that the air was dirty and filled with smog. The family felt crammed. They later realized it was because of air pollution, and it came severe until someone did something about it. ( " Air Pollution Anecdote, " 2007.) Pollution is BAD. Now you see how it can change someone's life.
Pollution will always be a problem on the earth. This can hurt or even kill people or animals. People worry about putting their pets outside. The animal could find trash and get sick. Or drink water from a creek that has been polluted. Animals don't know trash is harmful. You could save a life. In the summertime walk or bike ride to prevent air pollution. It might make a difference to some people. There are actually many types of pollution, and they all can cause harm to our beautiful world. There is air pollution, water pollution, hazards waste, radiation, and even noise pollution. You could be polluting and not even know it.
A reason pollution is so bad is because it takes away the beauty of the earth. Pollution can affect the way people interact with nature. Imagine, you live in a small town. The only attraction in this town is the big, sparkling, blue lake. Then people come to this town, and the water is brown. Pollution caused this problem. Pollution can take away fun things to do with friends and family. You wouldn't want to swim in brown water.
Pollution is very serious. Many people get breathing problems. Smoke is one of the main reasons for breathing problems. The smoke goes into the air and people breathe it in. You might end up having to go to the doctor. That can get very expensive.
You probably never thought pollution does something good. Since smoke from factories is a serious sign of air pollution. Finding a machine that doesn't pollute is very expensive. Also, maybe you are used to throwing trash out your car window. Well, you could break that habit. Buy a small trash can for your car. But that costs you money too. So, a world without pollution is expensive. But, people can make money back. By maybe starting a program that is agenct pollution. Make that money back. Pollution, as I said, will always be a problem on the earth.
In conclusion, pollution is bad for the environment. It can kill or hurt animals or people. Pollution can cause breathing problems, and that can get very expensive. Also, pollution takes away the beauty and fun of the earth. So, next time you see someone litter pick up the trash. Tell them the negatives of pollution. Make a difference for nature.


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