Coyote Creek News

News for the Week of May 17th & May 24th

Coyote Creek Curbside Pick up process

During the week of May 18-22, Coyote Creek will allow our students and parents/guardians to pick up personal belongings left at the school and drop off items to be returned (i.e. textbooks, library books, etc.) through a curbside process with assigned time/date slots. You must come in your vehicle to retrieve and return school belongings. No belongings will be handed out to people outside of a vehicle. Belongings not picked up during your specified time/date will be stored and inaccessible until the 2020-2021 school year.

Because we are collecting devices beginning on May 19, all online learning will be completed on Monday, May 18.

In order to maintain the safety of our families and staff, students and parents/guardians will not be permitted inside DCSD buildings during this time.

During your pick up time (details below) you will pull your vehicle into our bus loop / carpool area (following signage). A member of our staff will come to your vehicle to pick up any items your student is returning, and provide your student with any personal belongings from inside the school. The belongings will be inside a labeled bag and our staff will load that bag into your vehicle’s trunk or other designated area. You may only pick up/drop off items for your family.

We ask that families remain in their vehicle during this process, and wear a cloth mask if possible. Families should also limit the number of people coming to pick up or drop off items if possible. Our school staff will wear protective gloves and masks throughout this process.

Prior to coming to pick up or drop off items, please be sure you have labeled all items that your student will be returning to their school with their name and grade level. We are asking that you return your CCE device, if you borrowed one, the charging cord, and any library books you have at home. Anything else you have from CCE will also be accepted. Please print and fill out this form prior to bringing your device back to school and have it with you when you turn in your device(s). Parent Info page

Pick up times are as follows:

Tuesday, May 19 -

9:00 - 11:00

Family Last name A - D

A-B - Main parking lot side

C-D - Westridge Village Pkwy bus lane

1:00 - 3:00

Last Name E - H

E-F - main parking lot

G-H - Westridge Village Pkwy bus lane

Wednesday, May 20 -

9:00 - 11:00

Last Name I - L

I-J - main parking lot

K-L - Westridge Village Pkwy bus lane

1:00 - 3:00

Last Name M - P

M-N - Main parking lot

O-P - Westridge Village pkwy bus lane

Thursday, May 21 -

9:00 - 11:00

Last Name Q - T

Q-R - Main parking lot

S-T - Westridge Village Pkwy bus lane

1:00 - 3:00

Last Name U - Z

U-W - Main parking lot

X - Z - Westridge Village Pkwy bus lane

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this process. We look forward to returning all items that are currently at school and collecting all CCE and DCSD property.

Library News from Mrs. Gregory

Overdue book notices were emailed out on Tuesday. Please return any library books you have at home during your assigned drop off time next week. The fee listed on the notices is a replacement fee in case you cannot find the book. It is not an overdue fine. We don’t charge overdue fines. The teachers will be cleaning out their rooms and will return any library books they find. Please don’t worry about any replacement fees at this time. We will take care of that in August. Thank you.

Jane Gregory


Coyote Creek Elementary

Yearbook Delivery

The yearbooks should arrive on or before 06/08/2020. Communication from TreeRing is that all books should ship directly to Lyndsi Kocher and she will send out notifications to everyone . If anyone has any questions, please reach out to Lyndsi Kocher @ or at the address.

ART News from Mrs. McGlaughlin

Dear families,

I want to thank everyone for their support of the Visual Arts program at Coyote Creek this year. I'm so grateful for each and every one of you and am amazed at all the wonderful work our students have done at home the past two months. I appreciate all the time and effort you have put forth to carry on learning in Visual Arts during this challenging time. I want you to know that I miss all of you very much and look forward to the day when in-person learning resumes so we can all be together again!

In the meantime, I am putting together several slideshows of student artwork that I compiled this year on Artsonia and on my website. Here are some links for you to visit:


6th grade:

Other grade levels will be featured on CCE's Artsonia gallery page at Click on "view school art shows" to see the slideshows. Artwork will also be uploaded to individual student accounts as well.

Due to the organizational and logistical challenges of physically returning well over 600 pieces of artwork, I will be posting these slideshows in lieu of returning art pieces to each student. However, I will keep all of the pieces of artwork to return to students when we resume in-person learning. Please email me if you have any questions regarding this or anything else you might need.

I will continue to post art activities in my Google classroom during the summer months if you need any ideas to continue Visual Arts learning at home. Thank you all for a wonderful year!

Paige McGlaughlin

Art Teacher

Coyote Creek Elementary

News from our School Counselor

CCE Families,

As we wind down to the end of the school year I am working on making some resources available to you and your students through the CCE School Counseling Website. Having already been home for almost 10 weeks - and another 10 weeks of summer stretching out in front of us - you may be looking for more to help keep your kids engaged and having fun. I'm putting together some Summer Wellness resources that will hopefully keep their bodies moving and the creative juices flowing! Look for the SUMMER WELLNESS tab.

However, if you decide to turn off the devices for the summer and not let your kids look at another screen for a very long time, that's even better! Never forget that PLAY is an important part of childhood brain, body, and social development.

Another resource for kids and adults is the DCSD Virtual Calming Corner which includes some great ways to practice calming and coping skills that we have been talking about in school all year. Big emotions will come and go and all of them are OKAY! It's what we do with them that matters. Finding ways to CALM down will help the brain access what we know will help us COPE with tough situations.

All of this and more will be available on my website - I'm adding more all the time. So, even though I won't be online much over the summer, my website will be!

Finally, I will be available all the way through the end of the school year (May 22) if you have questions or need any other resources heading into summer. Just send me an email.

As we head into summer, find ways to hold on to all the "silver linings" I hope you discovered during quarantine and remote learning.

Mrs. Edwards

School Counselor

CCE School Counseling Website

News from the CCE PTO

Please cast your vote by end of day this Friday, May 15 for the 2020/21 PTO Board by visiting this link

The 2020 Lip Sync Video Challenge: In an effort to bring the CCE community together virtually, we're holding a Lip Sync Video Challenge! Grab the family, pick a song, and make a fun video of your family lip syncing! Then, on a specific date and time TBD, pop some popcorn and log onto a Zoom Video chat where we'll all watch the videos together! If you want to participate, email your video to Lisa White by 5pm on Thursday, May 14. Include the names of the family members in it, the song title, and if you grant permission to have it featured on the CCE PTO Facebook page. Not sure how to create or edit a video? There are several video editing apps you can use - iMovie, InShot, etc.

Nutrition Services Emergency Feeding Program

Attached are the new updated flyers for the DCSD Nutrition Services Emergency Feeding Program. Due to construction, we had to move our serving location from South Ridge Elementary to the Methodist Church just up the street, starting Monday May 18th. The Emergency Feeding Program and serving sites will last all summer long, so please message this out to your parents/community.

Emergency Feeding Program posters: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese

Personalized Learning

The digital version of the 4th annual Whole Child Report and Resource Guide is now available here. It is an opportunity for our parent community to view the work of the various teams who serve our students within the framework of the WSCC model.

Parenting with Love & Logic


Free online course. Must register by May 15th and then you'll have 3 months to work through all the content.

Register here.


Manage Your Fears (And Your Kid's Fears) as the Pandemic Evolves
Wednesday, May 13 from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Featuring Dr. Jacob Beniflah from Sky Ridge Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Licensed Counselor Whitney Kearney from Sky Ridge Behavioral Health Center
Register through Eventbrite

Call-in/joining information will be provided before the event.

CCE Spirit Rock

"Rent the Rock" to recognize a student's birthday, show school spirit, thank or recognize teachers or staff members, congratulatory events, etc. It is a great way to spread positive messages and increase excitement in our community! Spots are open to "Rent the Rock" Sign up now to reserve it!

A Look Ahead:

2019-2020 School Year:

  • May 15th - Kindie Graduation and 6th Grade Continuation
  • May 18th - Last day of remote learning assignments as devices will be dropped off starting the 19th

  • May 19th, 20th, & 21st - Drop off school-issued devices and pick up student supplies.

  • May 18th - Last day of remote learning assignments as devices will be dropped off starting the 19th

  • May 22 - Last Day of School!


The Douglas County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, age, marital status, genetic information, or physical characteristics, disability or need for special education services in admissions, access to, treatment of, or employment in educational programs or activities. The School District’s Compliance Officer is Ted Knight, Assistant Superintendent, 620 Wilcox Street, Castle Rock, Colorado,, 303-387-0067. Complaint procedures have been established for students, parents, employees, and members of the public.