By: Dina,Ashley,Anh

3 properties of mangnets

1. Attract iron/ materials with iron

2. Attract or repels other magnets

3. Points north when they swing freely

Picture by Ahn

Magnetic poles

2 types of poles: North and South

How poles interact

Poles that are unlike attract,N to S ,S to N and repel to N,S to S

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Bar magnetic By Ashely

Magnetic force

Two types of force: push and pull

Relate magnetic force to poles are

All its doing is using force on the poles and force comes from the poles that are repulsion and attraction.

Magnetic fields

What are they?

The magnetic force around the magnet

How is distance determined?

Strongest field= close lines

weakest field= far apart lines

Where are field line the strongest

On the North and South pole

Magnetic fields

Magnetic Domains

Explain how magnetism is affected by magnetic domains

Magnetic fields are lined up with each other because of the atoms.

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Magnetic domains By Dina

Extra information

Interesting Facts

That neutrons have no charge then protons have charger