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Liberia's history

Welcome to Liberia, A country in Africa which was formed after the American Colonization Society's leaders decided freed African slaves would have more opportunity in Africa, therefore Liberia was founded and is the only country founded by America. The capital itself is named Monrovia after the 5th president of the USA president Monroe in honor of his support of anti-slavery and support of the American Colonization Society.

Liberian Civil War

War in Liberia

In 1989 a coup was attempted by a Liberian social group to overthrow the government and started the first Liberian civil war. As of 1990 Liberia was completely consumed by civil war with hundreds of casualties across the country, leaving Monrovia as a war-zone. In 2003 the war ended with the government officials tortured and then executed, today Liberia has a new government and order but many people are against the current state of the control of the country.