McKenna DeCarlo

To have faith in yourself

To believe in yourself,when you feel like everyone else is obsessed with fitting in. And while other people are obsessed with being cool be obsessed with being you. This is my motto because I use to hang around people who were angry at the world and cared a lot about what people thought about them. And I started to do that then i realized i didn't see my full potential.

why I overcame it

Because I realized that the choices I was making was not who I was. And I was no longer going to be that person. A event in my life that helped me reach that is my niece being born she was always so happy and she brought out the best in me I realized then that surrounding yourself with happy people makes you happy. I realized the impact other people can have on you.
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people who helped me believe in myself...

My mom Melynda helped change my outlook on life. By believing in me even though I give her a lot of reason not to.And she forgives me even though I can be a real in brat and she has hope for me when I don't have hope in myself. She showed me that life is hard and prepared me for life she makes me feel hopeful she helps me see my full potential.

My niece

helped me believe in myself because she taught me how to love unconditionally she also showed me who I was whenever I'm with her I'm myself and not what anyone else wants me to be because I know she will never judge me I can completely be myself around her. SHES BEAUTIFUL!

my sister

My sister inspired me because she is an awesome mom. And she's everything I want to be when I'm a mom. She's a loving person and she's always smiling. She's a very hard worker. She keeps me in line though she's the reason I know what it's like to be a hard worker and never give up I love her.
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A setting that changed my life is my foster home. I was adopted when I was 16 months old and I was in a foster home until I was 3 it was hard for me because we didn't have a lot of food and I was suppose to die. I mean I was lucky I lived because my real mom did crack when I was in her stomach I'm a survivor that's why I refuse to let anyone hurt my feelings cause I know I'm here for a reason.

turning point

I realized I was not the person I wanted to be. when my niece was born she always was so smiley and happy all the time and I didn't get it then I realized whenever I'm with her I'm that person I then