Capital- Canberra

Population- 22,507,617

Estimated population in 2020-

Land area- 2,941,283 sq mi

Comparative size- equal in area as the United States without Hawaii and Alaska

Per capital GDP- $43,000

Exports- Iron Ore, Gold and Petroleum Gas

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Ethnic Diversity

Caucasian 92%

Asian 7%

Aboriginal and other 1%

Australia recently elected their first female prime minister. After her partner was ousted by his own party, she became nominated. That's when she started running and finally won majority vote.
-1945 San Francisco Conference, during which the UN charter was negotiated

-Australia relaxed its discriminatory immigration laws in the 1960's and 1970's

-In March 1996, the opposition Liberal Party–National Party coalition easily won the national elections, removing the Labor Party after 13 years in power.

-In Sept. 1999, Australia led the international peacekeeping force sent to restore order in East Timor

-In June 2013, Australia announced its first ever bid for election to the Human Rights Council for 2018-2020

Australia makes its money in mining resources and exporting minerals and coal to many other countries. Also, its climate is able to support a large variety of livestock and crops, which are exported. It also has a strong manufacturing industry.