Comparative Poetry Analysis

Madelyn Connaughty Hour 2


Any poem a poet writes is distinctly different from other poems that poets write because every poet has a different way of expressing their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. I am going to compare "Problems with Hurricanes," and Prayer to the Pacific." They both have similarities and differences in form, figurative language, and word choice.


Every poet has their own way of expressing their thoughts and feelings. In the poems "Problems with Hurricanes and "Prayer to the Pacific," the poets had their own way of expressing their ideas and feelings. In "Problems with Hurricanes," one way the poet showed his feelings and ideas is by having the whole poem be a metaphor . This gave you a comparison of death by fruit and death by something actually by the storm. In "Prayer to the Pacific," the poet showed her thoughts and feelings by letting you portray the poem in a prayer type of reading. It allowed you to relate to reading a prayer but in a different way. Each poet has a different way of portraying their ideas and feelings. I think the over all meaning of the poem "Problems with Hurricanes," is you have to look out for the good things not just the bad. Also, I think the overall meaning of "Prayer to the Pacific," is to make sure you take care of the ocean and nature as well as respect it too.