Have you ever wanted to volunteer?

How about at a Hospitalr?

Yes? No? Maybe so? How about you keep reading and make up your mind in the end? (:

Starting this summer in June 1st St. Mary' s hospital is accepting volunteering applications. You have to be at least 14 years old or older, to be able to apply and be willing to commit to what you're applying to .

What are some tasks I could do there ?

There are many things to do at the hospital, and you can get to choose what you want to help out on.

Different types of tasks

  • Gift shop.
  • Mail & flower delivery.
  • Clerical support and social and fundraising events.
  • & They also offer a sedentary services such as clerical and special projects.

What days would I go and volunteer ?

At the St. Mary's Hospital you are the one who gets to choose the days and time you're available at, they then give you your schedule based on the days you chose.