who started dominos

the person that started dominos is tom monaghan.they created it by bying a pizza place called dominicks and later on changed it to dominos because he liked the name better.


It started very small with them not making alot of money.The first thing that change is he dropped the 6 and 9 inch pizza and the made alot more money than when they first started.The other thing that changed was the name because it was originaly domincks and they changed it t dominos because they did not like the first name.

what its like now

It has more than 10,000 locations 70 are in different countries.It is also a multy billion dollar company.

how is it better

It is better because they make more money and many more locations
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Impact on society

Dominos made pizza delivery more commen in that area where they started.
Domino’s TV Commercial 2015 – We Changed Our Name