Weekly Geekly

September 17, 2018


Substitute Folder on the S Drive

Please do not move, rename, delete, or otherwise mess with the substitute folder on the S drive. Inside that folder, you may create a folder with your name on it, and inside that folder you may leave digital materials for your substitutes. However, if the substitute folder gets renamed or moved by anyone, then none of our subs will be able to access it. So please be extra careful always when dancing around the S drive.

Focus on 5Cs

Have you ever heard of #BookSnaps? #Booksnaps are a way to share an excerpt of a book on social media using an image that includes a comment. If you go to twitter and search for this hashtag, you will find several examples. Having students create a few snaps and submit them to you can be a fun way to assess their understanding, and this isn't limited to just English classes! An AP Physics class at Centennial last week did #LabSnaps in which they had to highlight what they thought were 3 important parts of their lab. Some took short videos of the experiment in action, some took pics of their lab notebook. The teacher told the students to use whatever format they were comfortable with, so some used various picture and video creators while some used their social media accounts (social media accounts were not required!) Check out Ms. Wiggs Twitter account to see some of the #LabSnaps she got! You will notice that in some videos, students faces are masked with stickers. For the digital citizenship component of this lesson, students learned that they needed to ask for permission before posting friends pictures on the Internet. This project was submitted for a 5C badge in creativity!

Digital Portfolios

If you are interested in having students create a digital portfolio, we now have an option available. If you are interested in using this, please let me know and I can train you on it (it is very intuitive).

Using Personal Laptops at School

Having trouble with your personal laptop working on the school wifi? You may need to install a security certificate. Visit https://sites.google.com/a/friscoisd.org/helpdesk/home/certificate-install?pli=1 for information on how to proceed.

If you have an activity list, the video below will show you how to check on student grades periodically


Students and printing

We have had several students visiting us trying to print in color. This is not something that we have available to them. They will need to print in black and white if they print here at school.

Also, we have several kids coming through asking how to pay for their printing. We do not charge students to print but we do ask that they only print for school assignments and that they try to print a reasonable amount.


If you like Kahoot, you are going to LOVE Gimkit! It is the latest and greatest and it is a little bit hard to describe, so take a few minutes to check out their site here or take a few more minutes and watch the video below to learn a lot more. You can assign it through Google Classroom! It was made and is maintained by high school students! You can pull content in directly from Quizlet! It will work in Spanish and French and allows you to use foreign currencies! There is a free version!