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How to Edit Photos, Use a Camera, and Take good photos



iPhoto is the name of the photo editing software we will be using to enhance our photos. iPhoto allows for easy storage, organization, and editing of photos. To edit a photo, simply select that photo, then select "Edit" in the bottom right corner.

Photo Editing Before and After


How to use a Camera

There are multiple ways to use a camera. Theres plenty of options and or ways that you can handle it. Theres different settings, features, flashes and many more. There are many brands of cameras also, they all have different types of special effects on each. Each camera has its own way of working you just have to know how to use and you can easily learn by just reading the directions.

Different types of cameras

Quick shorts facts

  • Photography was first used in the year 1839 by Sir John Herschel
  • In 1900 Kodak unveiled the brownie camera which sold for $1.00. The film for the camera sold for 15 cents.
  • The first digital camera offered to consumers was only 1.4 mega-pixels and cost around $10,000


How to take a good photo

1. Lighting

2. Focus

3. Cropping