Comparison of World Religions

Ryne Tucker


  • This religion started with the birth of Jesus in the year 0 C.E
  • Jesus Christ Started it.
  • It is a monotheistic religion and it's deity is name is god
  • There is only one god who watches over and cares for his followers, Jesus Christ was the son of god who died to save humanity for their sins his death and resurrection made life possible for others
  • It had been 2014 years since it has started
  • David and Goliath
  • 2 billion people
  • They spread it through churches
  • Their holy book is the bible
  • Jesus is the holiest and then the pope


  • Polytheistic
  • Reincarnation, they earn enlightenment
  • It is a polytheistic with three main gods, brahma, Vishnu, shiva
  • There is 820 million people in this religion
  • They spread it through trade word of ear
  • The clergy was the guru, holy man, and the Brahman priest


  • It is neither poly or monotheistic
  • Buddha
  • This religion doesn't teach a set god or deity
  • They believe in nirvana
  • 2500 years old
  • The blind man and the elephant
  • 362 million people
  • Spread it through the people spreading it
  • It is a sacred collection if ancient text
  • Buddha monks and nuns