Welcome to the Team!


Sweet Bees

Welcome to the team! I am so pleased to have you on board. You were selected as a Chloe and Isabel merchandiser because you have what it takes to be successful and I look forward to helping you grow your business. I am excited to see you grow your C+I business this year into everything you want it to be and I am here to help guide you to the tools and training you need to do that. I am available for questions and you can always reach me by text to set up a time to chat.

xoxo, Janet

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To do...

*Make sure your on line boutique is up to date and that you have added your picture. This is what people see when they log on. It is your store front and you want to be present! You are your brand. If you need help doing this please let me know or reach out to our care team for help.

*Send me a friend request on Face Book so I can add you to our team page. This is where you can ask questions and where we celebrate your success!

*Let your network know about the semi annual sale and grab your first sale of January!!

*Get your January Pop Ups booked

*I will send you a text to verify that you are receiving your emails and that you are all set. At that time we can decide on a time to touch base. Please respond and let me know when you get it! I look forward to hearing from you.

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