Ongoing Conflict in Darfur & Sudan

Sudanese Christians Slowly Being Pushed Out

Root of the Conflict

This conflict has been caused by the regional, political, and economic inequalities that have persisted throughout Sudan's history. These inequalities are enhanced by the political, economic, and cultural dominance of a small group of Arabic-speaking Sudanese warlord type men who have held power and mistreated the non-Arab and non-Muslim groups in the country's boundaries.

Form and Impact

Type of Conflict and how Ethnicities are Affected

This conflict is based mainly on religion as the Muslim groups Fur and the Zaghawa are the source of rebellion against the Sudenese government. Thousands of citizens have died and more than 2 million have been displaced. Most of the displaced are from a tribe called the Nuer who have been targeted specifically. Other groups around them try to help as much as they can however many of them live in fear of being targeted as well.

Spatial Impact

The conflict has primarily stayed in Sudan because that is the government that was taken over. However most people refrain from living close to the border as those have been previously targeted areas as theY are far from cities and have little communication resources. It has also affected some MDC's because they are recieving more and more Sudanese refugees.

Global, Regional, and Local Scales

Locally, people have been terrorized and thousands of died. Regionally, Africans don't mess with the Sudanese conflict for fear of being targeted. And globally, other countries have received thousands of Sudanese refugees looking for safety.
Political conflict in South Sudan : Interview with Florent Geel
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This photo is of Sudanese citizens trying to spread the word about this conflict.