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Baker's Blog - February 1

I'm very excited about the wonderful STEM challenges that have been planned for this Friday's STEM Day at BES! Please be sure you send info about STEM Day in your Monday newsletters. 9:00 am is the official start time but grade levels can schedule activities throughout the day too if they would like.

Posting Window opens on Monday and closes on Thursday.

Best Practices meeting on Monday.

We'll continue our Writescore administrations on Monday and Tuesday.

Our team attending the PLC conference will be sharing with their grade levels and the entire faculty as we look to improve upon the good work we are doing.

The optional Aesop training is Tuesday at SEBHS from 4-5 pm.

Improvement teams meet on Wednesday.

Teachers- Please review your iReady midyear diagnostic Lexile growth for students. This is part of the monitoring process for our SIP. We will discuss this data in the near future.

Please remember to close all exit doors (front and back) to conserve energy and provide safety.

Reminders for the Week

  • February 8 - Posting Window Opens
  • February 8 - Best Practices
  • February 8 - AESOP Training - 4 -5 PM - SEB
  • February 10- Improvement Teams
  • February 11 - Posting Window Closes
  • February 11 - PLC
  • February 12 - STEM Day

Write Score Dates

February 8 - 3rd Grade (Jones, Irvan, M. Page)

February 9 - 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade (Brookins, Singletary), 5th Grade

What If...

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