Momma said

By Derek Provencio

Momma said - Calvin Forbes

The slice I ate I want it back

Those crumbs I swept up

I’d like my share again

I can still taste it like it was

The memory by itself is delicious

Each bite was a small miracle

Both nourishing and sweet

I wish I had saved just a little bit

I know it wasn’t a literal cake

It’s the thought that counts

Like a gift that’s not store-bought

Making it even more special

Like a dream that makes you

Want to go back to sleep

You can’t have your cake

And eat it too Momma said

I was defiant and hardheaded

And answered yes I can too

The look she gave me said boy

I hope you aren’t a fool all your life

Main Idea

I personally think that this poem has a lot more to do with how he misses the days he spent with his mother more than it has to do with cake. For example, when he says, "I know it's not a literal cake, it's the thought that counts." It makes me feel like he is referring more to the days of his childhood that he spent with his mother. The ending of the poem, he is saying that no matter how right you think you are, mother always knows what's best.

Why I chose this poem

I chose this poem for two reasons. One being, I like cake and the beginning pretty much describes how I feel after I've eaten a good slice of cake. The other reason is, I can somewhat relate to the deeper meaning of the poem. For instance, I am still hard headed and believe I know more than my mom. I know she means well, I just don't always agree with her. I'm sure I'll eventually learn why she does the things she does but for now, I am always right.

My Mother - Hank Snow

There are friends who will want you but just for a day
There are pals you think true but they'll cast you away
But there's one loving soul boys I'll sure recommend
Through this old world of sorrow she'll be true till the end

Mother though her hands are all wrinkled and old
Mother silver hair that has lost all the gold
You left her alone went to roam through the years
But all that you left her was heartaches and tears
So kiss her old brow whisper softly and true
Mother you're just an angel and I love you

On the door of a cottage a wreath sadly hung
And a hearse stood there waiting as the choir softly sung
There were flowers in their beauy and the old Parson he prayed
This was the last tribute as we left for her grave
She won't meet you tonight son when you crave her caress
She has reared you to manhood and now you've laid her to rest
Those flowers in their beauty to her they're unknown
Cause tonight she's with the angels up around God's great throne
So don't wait that late son to try and repay
Give those flowers and give those treasures but give them today
Let her know that you love her and kinda show her that you care
Cause she's your mother God love her she's as true as a prayer

So kiss her old brow whisper softly and true
Mother you're just an angel and I love you