My plans for my long successful future

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Located in New York, New York University is one of the most known and most popular schools to set base in the busy state. Being quite a large college with approximately

24,985 total undergrads and 5,913 degree-seeking freshmen.

Application fees, Requirements, nearby sights, Etc

The average on campus fee is $66,000,with financial aid, the fee is still a whopping $36,000. Total undergraduates: 24,985

First-time degree-seeking freshmen: 5,913

Degree-seeking undergrads: 24,539

Graduate enrollment: 24,478

NYU has a slim acceptation rate and is known for creating very intelligent and creative individuals. Going to NYU the plan will be to get onto the soccer team, get a masters in bushiness and minors in marketing and other places to help along with my marketing career. My aunt attended NYU and graduated in 2014, she now works as an Apple advertiser, with many advertisements for their main products such as the I phone 6. Its not everyday someone can say their campus is a few blocks away from Madison square or even Times Square. Though my time will be filled with MANY MANY hours of classes, i WILL find time to get out and enjoy my hometown. NYU is my dream school.