New Planets?

Genius Hour


Is there ACTUALLY new planets farther away in our Solar System?

Planets X and Y

It is possible that 2 planets called Planet X and Planet Y are bigger than Earth! Its farther from Pluto so it has a very cold temperature. Planet X was found a LONG time ago. In 1781. Planet X is also known as Niburu. Some people say that it takes 3,600 years to complete its orbit journey. (Just an Inference) Planet Y might be the exact same as Planet X. But who knows?

Other Unknown Planets?


There might be some other unknown planets that might exist. Maybe scientists don't know yet. Could it be a theory? Maaayybe. Scientists say that there could be planets that there are other planet beyond Neptune and Pluto. There also could be another dwarf planet which scientists say it is about 250 AU from the Sun (Woah)! There also could be 13 Extreme Trans-Neptunian Objects (ETNO)