Ernest Hemingway

By Kris Zissa

Facts about Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway is known to have met J.D. Salinger during World War II who was then fighting with the 12th Infantry Regiment.

All of us dream of going to Paris but Hemingway wrote about his life in Paris and named it A Movable Feast in the year 1920's which was sadly not published until 1964.

Hemingway’s son is known to have worked as a big-game hunter and ran a safari business in Tanzania. His name was Patrick.

Wars have a different way of affecting one’s life. In Hemingway’s case it affected him in his works. He is known to have written only one one play called The Fifth Column which is set during the Spanish Civil War.

Not only could he win a battle with his pen but also with his physical power. Probably that was the reason that he was awarded a Bronze Star for his bravery under-fire in World War II while being a war correspondent.

Hemingway is known to have left trunks of material in the Paris Ritz in the year 1928 which he was unable to recover until the year 1957.

Another interesting fact about Ernest Hemingway’s life is that Committing suicide was something that had been going on like a wave in Hemingway’s family as his sister, brother and father, all committed suicide. I wonder what was so wrong with their world?

Men often tend to run away from woman but that was not the case with Ernest Hemingway. He lived with his fourth wife Mary and was buried in Ketchum’s town cemetery in Idaho with her.

As I have stated before, Hemingway took home many awards because of his fascinating skill and strength. He got a Nobel Prize for literature and a Pulitzer Prize for fiction. This man also involved in world war I. At that time, he drove an ambulance in Italy even though he was suffered because of the explosive mortar fire.

Hemingway is considered as a strong and brave man. He was man of action who made a report about the Spanish civil war.

Ernest Hemingway was born on Oak Park. It is a small town located in Illinois, Chicago. He shared the similar birthplace with Edgar Rice Burroughs

Hemingway had a son named Patrick. This man had a safari Business located in Tanzania. People knew him as a big game hunter.

When Hemingway moved to Paris, he decided to live at the height of Gertrude Stein’s Lot Generation. He made a memoir about his life living in Paris entitled A Moveable Feast. This memoir was published in 1964 even though it was created in 1920s.

The Fifth Column is the only play that Hemingway wrote. The setting of this play was during the Spanish Civil War.

It will be a hard moment when you lost your family. Hemingway’s family which includes his father, sister and brother, commit suicide.

During his life, Hemingway married four times. When he died, he was buried next to his fourth wife Mary. Their tombstones are located in the Ketchum’s town cemetery in Idaho.

In 1918, Hemingway went overseas to serve in World War I as an ambulance driver in the Italian Army. For his service, he was awarded the Italian Silver Medal of Bravery, but soon sustained injuries that landed him in a hospital in Milan.

In 1925, the couple, joining a group of British and American expatriates, took a trip to the festival that would later provided the basis of Hemingway's first novel, The Sun Also Rises. The novel is widely considered Hemingway's greatest work, artfully examining the postwar disillusionment of his generation.

Soon, Pauline became pregnant and the couple decided to move back to America. After the birth of their son Patrick Hemingway in 1928, they settled in Key West, Florida, but summered in Wyoming. During this time, Hemingway finished his celebrated World War I novel A Farewell to Arms, securing his lasting place in the literary canon.

In 1954, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Even at this peak of his literary career, though, the burly Hemingway's body and mind were beginning to betray him. Recovering from various old injuries in Cuba, Hemingway suffered from depression and was treated for numerous conditions such as high blood pressure and liver disease.

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