BHS Library Media Minute

January 2016

Library Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to share some of the opportunities available to students and teachers here at BHS. Library information can also be found on our library website and on my blog
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Want to unload some books from your shelves?

Center Middle School is having a book sale in May in the gymnasium. Dates and times for the event will be forthcoming. We are accepting donations of any books that you would be willing to part with. Gently used titles for any age are appropriate. Donations can be given to the High School IMC or dropped off at Center Middle to Door 1. The proceeds from this event will help to "make over" Boardman Center. Thank you for your continued support of Boardman Schools.

Teacher Collaboration

Just as a reminder, I would love to collaborate with you! What are some things that we can do together?

* Talk about books

* Co-Teach a lesson/unit (in your classroom or the library)

* Teach students how to use databases, computer programs and tools

* Assist with research

Coloring Table

There is a current trend that has garnered some coloring books! Thanks to Mrs. Shobel, I have ordered some adult coloring books for the library that should be arriving soon. There will be a table set up for all to enjoy, so stop by, we'd love to see you.

Want to Connect With Your Students? Know What They are Reading

QR Codes/Book Trailers

In order to help students choose the right book for them, book trailers are a great way for readers to check their interest level. A book trailer is similar to a movie trailer in that it helps the reader become more interested in the title. I have created some QR codes that are linked to book trailers for titles that we have available here. Patrons can scan the QR code on the posters displayed in the library to watch a video. Here is an example of a book trailer.