An Online Presentation Building Tool... Made Easy!

What Makes Slidebean Great?

Slidebean takes away the initial worry of how to aesthetically layout your online project by letting you focus on content first. You input the text you want to appear, then using their in-app search tools choose your background, insert pictures, videos, quotes, bullets, and charts. Then switch over to the design phase and that's where Slidebean guides you through how to best lay out your information with their assistance.

How Did I Find This Tool?

To be honest... I Googled "tech tools similar to PowerPoint" because my brain was running low on creativity one day. In my opinion, this tool is much more user friendly than PowerPoint, so I got really lucky!

How to Use Slidebean

Quick Intro to Slidebean

Slidebean's Various Uses and Applications

  • Create interactive class lessons which can be viewed again afterwards by students.
  • Make appealing and informative online newsletters for students, parents, and faculty.
  • Students can take advantage of Slidebean's ease of use to create their own projects.
  • Excellent tool to facilitate member collaboration in group projects.
  • Eliminates using external communication tools by utilizing Slidebean's creative interface to privately exchange information and ideas, all from within the project!

A Little Demonstration of Slidebean

My Slidebean Project

Just to show you how easy it truly is to use this tool for formatting and designing your projects!

Thank you for letting me share my cool new tech tool with you!