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February 17

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Math - Unit 5 Review

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Zoo Designer

Math apps to use with homework (visual models featured in Bridges in Mathematics. )

Language Arts

Year at a Glance

This unit is centered around poetry and drama, literature that is meant to be performed and shared with others. Students read and analyze poetry and dramas with an emphasis on the meaning behind figurative language, sound devices, and author’s craft. Students discover how author’s choices make poetry and drama come alive. While studying poetry, students identify how authors use language to evoke feelings and communicate a message. When studying dramas, students analyze the literary elements such as character development, setting, and plot, as well as elements of drama. In writing workshop, students use the writing process to publish a poetry anthology around a common theme and a drama/script including the elements and characteristics of a drama.


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Homework Helper- Unit 5

In this unit, students are formally introduced to a host of new geometric concepts, including angles and angle measure, parallel and perpendicular lines, and reflective symmetry. In Module 1, students focus on comparing, analyzing, classifying, and measuring angles. In Module 2, students investigate parallel and perpendicular lines as well as line symmetry and use these terms and concepts to sort and classify a wide variety of polygons. During Module 3, students measure the area and perimeter of rectangles, making generalizations that support the introduction of the formulas for both. Module 4 features a return to angle measure, with an emphasis on the fact that angles involve turns or rotations around a fixed point and are additive in nature.

Social Studies

Year at a Glance

Texas colonists decided that declaring independence was their only choice to be able to live as they wanted. We will analyze the causes and major events that led to the Texas Revolution - Battle of the Alamo including heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. The purposes and the importance of historic documents and landmarks such as the Texas Constitution, the Treaty of Velasco, and the San Jacinto Monument will be explained.


Year at a Glance

In this unit students deepen their understanding of natural resources, the impact of using and conserving these resources on a community. Students observe the local weather and use data to make predictions about future changes to the weather. In addition, students explore slow changes to the surface of the earth by wind, water, and ice. Students develop a deeper understanding of the use of patterns in predicting shadows, the appearance of the moon, and weather.
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