4th Grade #ReaganRays

November 18

Upcoming Dates

November 18 Career Selfie Deadline

November 18-22 Scholastic Book Fair

November 22 Thanksgiving Lunch with Rays!

November 25-29 Thanksgiving Break Student/Staff Holiday/

December 19- Spelling Bee

December 23- Jan 7- Winter Break Student Holiday

January 21 Student/Staff Holiday

Thanksgiving Luncheon - Friday, November 22

Reagan Elementary is pleased to invite all of our families to join us in our Annual Thanksgiving Lunch on November 22. All other visitors purchase a ticket for $3.75 (adults and non-student children), check or cash ONLY and $20 bills or smaller will be accepted. Gupton Stadium will be open for parking. Please allow enough time to be checked in and to purchase a lunch ticket.

Lunch times:

Kinder: 10:00 am

1st grade: 10:30 am

2nd grade: 11:05 am

3rd grade: 11:35 am

4th grade:12:05 pm

5th grade: 12:35 pm


Math - Fraction Review- Complete the ones you need practice with. :)

Math apps to use with homework (visual models featured in Bridges in Mathematics. )

Thanksgiving Reading Challenge

College and Career Readiness Month


November is College and Career Readiness Month. This time is set aside to explore colleges, vocational schools, military and careers! It is never too early to begin with the end in mind. One way we would like to help our students think about all of their career possibilities is by learning about your career. If possible, please share about your career by taking a “Career Selfie,” a picture of yourself at your job and filling out the attached form. All forms should be returned before November 18th. The career selfies will be on display in the hallway so all students will have the opportunity to learn about you and your career. Thank you for helping us make career exploration meaningful for our students!

  • Two copies of the attached document will be sent home with your child. (one for each parent) If you have more than one child here at Reagan you only need to return one form for each parent who wishes to participate.


DeAnna MartinReagan Counselor

Art Fund Raiser

Reagan Families,

Please Check your child’s backpack!

Art to remember is coming home today, Friday, Nov. 8, 2019. Art To Remember is our annual fundraiser to purchase Clay and glaze for each student to create a clay project in art class! REAGAN Art profits 33% of each sale. You may use the art created in art class or upload your own, too! It makes great holiday gifts for families near and far. The products Ship free to school or you may pay to ship it directly to grandma!

Each student created a dessert Art inspired by Wayne Thiebaud featuring a Kindergarten bubblegum machine, 1st grade ice cream cone, 2nd grade cupcake, 3rd grade doughnut, 4th grade slice of pie, or a 5th grade cake!

The fundraiser is all on-line. Please visit art to remember.com and enter your child’s unique order code printed on the pamphlet.

Lost pamphlet? please email jez.stjohn@landersisd.org for your child’s unique order code. Please include child first and last name, grade, and teacher name.

Language Arts

Year at a Glance

People and Perspectives: Journey through the Lives of Others

In this unit, students study biographies and historical fiction, exploring the connections between these two genres. Students read biographies, gaining a deeper understanding of peoples’ lives as they deal with everyday and extraordinary challenges. In addition, students infer the message of a text and discuss how the accomplishments of others influence people today. Students also read historical fiction texts to study the genre specific characteristics. Analyzing perspectives within historical fiction allows students to discover connections with characters and conflicts across time. In both genres, students explore the impact of historical and cultural settings on the events or plot. Students continue the learning on opinion writing from the last unit of study. This continued learning acts as a springboard for the informational writing that is the focus of the remainder of this unit. Students use their personal expertise to create information books and feature articles as they go through the writing process. Students publish and share two pieces of writing by the end of this unit, gaining independence along the way.


Year at a Glance, Math Learning Center Family Support, Student Site,

Homework Helper- Unit 3

Fractions & Decimals In this unit, students work with a variety of tools, including folded paper strips, egg cartons, geoboards, number lines, and base ten pieces, to model, read, write, compare, order, compose, and decompose fractions and decimals. Their investigations and explorations range from the purely mathematical--the relationship between fifths and decimals, for example--to applied, as they determine a strategy to figure out how many candy bars the fourth grade teacher will have to buy if she plans to give an undefined number of students three-quarters of a bar each. P.A.C.E will Extend numbers to the thousandths and represent the value of the digit in decimals using expanded notation.


  • Folded paper strips

  • Egg carton

  • Geoboard

  • Number line

  • Base ten area pieces


  • Proportional reasoning

  • Fair-sharing

  • Changing the number of divisions on a model

Social Studies

Year at a Glance

European explorers came to Texas to convert American Indians to Christianity and to gain fame and riches for themselves and their countries.


Year at a Glance

Unit Summary: Students explore the physical properties of matter to determine how it is classified, changed, and used in real world situations. Students compare and contrast everyday mixtures and solutions. Students apply their knowledge about matter to draw inferences and evaluate product advertisements.

Big picture

Adam Bleakly

Millie Copland

Jennifer Moran

Angela Parks

Deanna Perkins

Melanie Sivells

Rhonda Wellmann

Kristin Wood