4th Grade #ReaganRays

March 22



Here’s what teaching and learning will look like next week for teachers, students, and families:

  • On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (March 23–25), the Teaching and Learning team and principals will set up virtual preparation time for teachers.
  • On Wednesday (March 25), we are asking teachers and teams to reconnect with students and families to share plans for learning.
  • On Thursday (March 26), teachers will begin sharing opportunities for students to practice and reinforce academic content and skills using familiar tools currently used in their classrooms. For example, if your teacher uses Google Classroom already, he or she will continue to use that tool for sharing instructional materials.

During the planned suspension of normal school operations through April 5, students will not submit assignments for graded work. We want students to take advantage of these learning opportunities so they are ready to learn new material and skills after the two-week period.

Our Special Programs team will be working with campuses to support the needs of all students.


Apps and Games

Partial Product Finder, Fact Strategy Posters, Factris, area model

Math apps to use with homework (visual models featured in Bridges in Mathematics. )

Language Arts

Year at a Glance

In the unit, students bring history to life by engaging in the inquiry process. They learn to generate research questions that guide their research plan. Students read, view, and listen to a variety of multimodal and digital informational texts. They evaluate the credibility of the sources and think critically about the author’s perspective. Students choose and research an event in Texas history. They use multiple sources to synthesize the information and share their knowledge with others. Students have choice in the format they use to present.


Year at a Glance, Math Learning Center Family Support, Student Site,

Homework Helper- Unit 7

Bridges in Mathematics Grade 4 Unit 7 Reviewing & Extending Fractions, Decimals & Multi-Digit Multiplication In this unit your child will:

❚ Compare fractions ❚ Recognize and generate equivalent fractions ❚ Represent and compare decimal numbers ❚ Multiply two-digit numbers with the standard algorithm and other methods Your child will learn and practice these skills by solving problems like those shown below. Use the free Math Vocabulary Cards app for additional support: mathlearningcenter.org/apps.

Your child will learn and practice these skills by solving problems like those shown below. Use the free Math Vocabulary Cards app for additional support: mathlearningcenter.org/apps through LeanderISD LaunchPad

Social Studies

Year at a Glance

The cattle and oil industries, along with the railroad and barbed wire, developed economic opportunities and a unique culture in Texas.


Year at a Glance

In this unit of study students will refine their understanding of mechanical energy, force, and scientific inquiry. Students will begin an exploration of electrical energy through demonstration of electrical circuits. Students will observe patterns and systems in energy and differentiate between the forms of energy. Students will explore insulators and conductors of thermal and electrical energy.

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Adam Bleakly

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