The History of Rosa Parks

Come Sit on the bus that Rosa parks did.

Come sit in Rosa's seat

If you know the woman who made it possible for blacks' to sit where ever they wanted on public buses that would be, Rosa Parks. She's the one you have to thank.
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Let Us Sit On The Bus

An interesting fact about Rosa is that she went to jail for not giving up her seat to a white person. Rosa protested against a system that didn't allow black people to sit were they chose on the buses but today they can, thanks to her efforts.
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A little victory

After Rosa's protest there was a stupendous civil rights act in which all of the black bus riders boycotted riding the bus for 381 days. During this time the bus fare rose because there weren't as many people riding the bus. Because of this loss of money the owners of the bus company decided to change the law allowing blacks the right to sit wherever they wanted. The next day Rosa and Mr. King walked on the bus and sat in the front of the bus. This was Mrs. Rosa Parks proudest day of her life.
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Thank You Rosa