Come to Texas!

Land is 12.5 cents an acre!

Anglo Americans are welcome!

Reasons to come to Texas...

- No taxes for 6 years

- Land is 12.5 cents an acre

- Our government is very productive

- The United States is going to buy texas from Mexico

- No reciprocal agreements

- Buffer against illegal settlers in the U.S

Reasons to leave the United States...

- Farming is no longer productive

- No slavery in Mexico

- High taxes

- Few jobs

- Expensive land

- Controlling government

- Ranches were no longer productive

- Thousands faced unemployment

What could happen if you dont come to Texas?

You could lose your job, thousands have been facing unemployment in the U.S.

Moving to Texas is a great opportunity to start over and make your life worth living.

Your land would be so much better for farming and ranching here. It's very irrigable land for farming.

Stephen F. Austin is a great leader!

The first 300 families get free land!

What is the Alamo?

The Alamo is used for mainly the Roman Catholic missions to convert people to Christianity. The Alamo is also used for a military hospital and base.

Agreements you must commit to before moving to Texas...

You must be loyal to the Mexicans at all times. You must be willing to convert to the Roman Catholic religion. Don't break the law.
Please keep this in mind and move to Texas! It is so much better here. Just wait until you see it yourself! See you soon!


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