citys hero


The bigist fight of the year a giant moster smashing through the city the ones how defided the moster there names are sonce boom and miigt he has super streagth .HE is allso made of tiomaonet the moster had punched hem and he got back up like it did not heart he had a huge cut on his head and it just healed he had jumped up on to the mosters face and stared to punch it the face and he jumped down to the stumik and put his fist right throw it and pulled the metlheart out of its body and migitet was shunting it in the lega he jumped up and shot it in the face and then shot it in the chest and it exploded.we talk to them this week he tolled us how it started he was just a regaler boy i all was wanted t be like superman with bullite profe and have superstreagth that could not get heart until one day me and my friend had toke our bikes riding througth the desert my friend was migit we were just riding and my friend scermed