Scientific Revolution

Alejandro Gomezzz

What Was The Change

The scientific revolution was the emergence of modern science during the early modern period, when developments in mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology, medicine, and chemistry transformed views of society and nature.

Geocentric Theory

in astronomy the geocentric model, is a description of the cosmos where Earth is at the orbital center of all celestial bodies.


stated that the earth and the planets rotated around the sun and which opposed the Ptolemaic system

How did the change impact society at the time?

  • Natural Sciences - Enlightenment ideas helped to stimulate people's sense of individualism, and the basic belief in equal rights

Causes Of The Scientific Revolution

  • Exploration and expansion of trade
  • Continuation study of ancient authorities
  • Development of the scientific method

Effects of the Scientific Revolution

  • Beginning of modern science
  • Belief in progress and the power of reason
  • New view of the universe as a well-ordered system