Modern Art and History

1950's and 1960's Artwork By: Brianna Spencer

1950's America

The 1950's era for America was an Era of accomplishment and greatness. America was involved in two world wars and concord both of in successful manner. After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki America was forever changed, leading us into a cold war with the rest of the world and especially Russia

1960's America

The 1960's was an ear to remember. So much had happened that would change the course of Americas future forever. Such as the Vietnam war, civil rights movement, women Liberation, and consumerism. The Vietnam war lasted more than 20 years 1954-1975. The civil rights movement was a movement for African Americans to gain rights and abolish segregation. Womens rights movement was a movement toward womens Independence. Consumerism played a huge factor for America since we where building an empire of goods and mass producing goods faster and cheaper than ever done before.

1950's Art focused heavily on Abstract Expressionism

While 1960's Artist mostly rejected the ideas of Abstract Expressionism and focused on Pop Art

Morris Louis 1950's artist

Morris Louis rebelled against the established idea of what art should be and had a strong opinion of his own on how art should be. Morris Louis was inspired by Frankenthaler and her style of soaking and staining technique. Morris Louis twisted her style and making it his own by staining unprimed surfaces on unstretched canvases, with a thin mixture of fast drying acrylic paint. Louis showed his work at French & Co, where his work inspired a critic Barbara Rose. Some key characteristics to his work involve complete integration of ground and color, has a less romantic feel and has non referential objects.

Morris Louis Masterpiece

Andy Warhol 1960's artist

Any Warhol was one of the most influential and celebrated artist. Andy's work was influenced by several celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Jackie Kennedy and the glamours Marlin Monroe. Andy has done a series of painting of Elvis Presley. Andy Warhol techniques often times used the technique of silk screening. Silk screening was a technique that was heavily used during the 1960's Pop Movement. Silk screening is still something that we use today such as posters or blue prints.

Andy Warhol 1960's Artwork

Robert Rauschenberg: Pop Art & Abstract Expressionism

Robert Rauschenberg had a Connection both with Abstract expressionism and with Pop art. Robert Worked very closely with Jasper. Robert had earned a title of being non Dada related with his art work. Even though Dada did play some sorta role in Roberts work. Some of the key characteristic when it comes to Roberts work are that he uses mostly what ever he has on hand to make his art, another characteristic of his art work is hes able to not make a direct statement with his art work while still being able to make a statement. As Schlieger says "You know you made it once you've successfully put a goat in your art work"

Robert Rauschenberg: Pop Art & Abstract Expressionism