Internet Bullying Safety

by:Alec shilling; Casey Cox

the dangers of social media

Internet bullying is unfortunately an easy thing to become a victim of or become guilty of. It is an unfortunately growing thing and hurts even people not related to the situation. When you bully someone you know or dont know on the internet or in real life,it hurts more than just you, the other person or their family. It can effect their friends, family, and even their friends family.

why the message should be spread

The solution to this problem is simply by telling other people to be safe on the internet and not bully each other in the first place. The only way to achieve prevention of this is by spreading the message and creating papers and flyers like this.

things to remember when posting on social media

1.think before you post and don't hurt others.

2.dont leave hurtful comments on pictures towards others.

3.Dont include others in your post, it may hurt them to.

4.Remeber that adults or other people can help you if you are scaredor threatened.