LGBT Rights

By:Naomi Ubaldo

What is my topic? What is the message?

My topic is lgbt rights and also my message is to treat people equally not by their sexuality.

Why did I chose this topic?

I chose my topic because people are getting bullied by other people on the internet , school or even at public. Some are abandoned by their families for being lgbt

Who or what are we creating awareness about?

Many people are creating awareness days or months and charities to have lgbt rights and help people who are lgbt.

Has this issue affected our lives personally?

Many people who support lgbt are touched by stories by people who did suicide or be abandoned. Some stories are on websites that let people share their stories. Some make it to social media and the news.

Story of somebody who is dealing with this issue

Leelah Alcorn was transgender whose suicide was made popular on social media and the news. Leelah was born a male name Joshua Ryan Alcorn. When Leelah was 14 she told her parents that she was transgender but her parents refuse to know her as female. At age 16 Leelah was sent to christian conversion therapy to make her think she is not a female and not a male. The day she committed suicide she wrote a suicide note on a social media name Tumblr. On the day of December 28, 2014 Leelah committed suicide by walking in front of moving truck.