Adaptive Learning Technology


  • K-8 common core curriculum is already embedded
  • Pre made learning paths are available and you can also create your own
  • Data is generated and displayed in mastery reports
  • Intervention strategies and suggestions are included according to the mastery reports
  • Pre made pre and post assessments available with options to create your own
  • Behavior tracking component
  • Affordable- basic account is free and school/district accounts are affordable
  • Parent portal
  • Ebooks
  • Mobile Apps
  • Automatically embedded in SCHOOLOGY learning management system
  • Webinars and tutorials are available for teachers
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What is missing?

  • Incorrect questions allow students to choose another answer instead moving on to a similar problem. Students are able to click through until they get the correct answer which defeats the purpose of adaptive technology
  • Innovation, collaboration, and creativity- I would add more real world examples for authentic learning and practice

Features that inhibit learning

  • Content and questions aren't engaging so it is easy for students to get off task

Overall Impression

Scootpad seems to be an effective adaptive technology that is affordable for educators to use in the classroom. There are a lot of positive components like the content, data, and interventions. It is also very adaptable so it can be tailored to the needs of each teacher and student. The drill and practice problems may not be very engaging for students in the long run but overall the program will help teachers figure out where their students are academically and give students opportunities to practice skills.