By: Sarah Combs


Thunderstorms include rain, lightning, thunder and sometimes tornadoes! They can be very brief or long, sweet or violent.

Thunderstorm Warnings

Thunderstorm warnings include

  • Lightning, may strick trees and cause a fire.
  • Flooding, may get extreme and get into your house

Thunderstorm Precautions

If any of the warnings occur than take these precautions,

  • Lightning, go inside, wait for storm to end to go back out.
  • Flooding, get to a high area.
  • Hail, get inside and wait for storm to end to go back outside.
If in car,

  • Lightning, get to nearest building and get inside.
  • Flooding, if extreme stop get out and get to high ground, if not extreme drive to high ground or drive to a building and get inside.
  • Hail, get to building and get inside.

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Cumulus Clouds

Cumulus clouds often happen with thunderstorms. You can see how they form in the picture above.
Slow Motion lightning in the Sierra Foothills

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