Dec. 7-11

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade

Upcoming Events:

* Wednesday: DARE Graduation--Please join us in the MPR at 8:30. Ceremony will be approximately 1 hour.

* Friday: 6th Grade Winter Party! Students can wear pajamas and bring a blanket. We'll be in the MPR for lunch. All 6th grades will have the time together, and can set up their blankets so friends can all sit together. After eating, we'll take them outside for 6th grade only play. A special thanks to all the room moms for their time in planning/organizing!

Questions to Ask:

* How did you feel taking the Basic Skills Math Test?

* How about the Standards Pretest? Did you know how to do any of them?!

* What is a "unit rate" (it is a simplified rate, where you find how much of an item compares to just one unit of the other. For example, 110 miles for 2 hours would have a unit rate of 55 miles for 1 hour.)

* How can you find the unit rate for any of the candy bar examples? (Somewhere there should be "division" in the explanation, where your child is dividing the first part of the ratio by the second part. If the example was "there are 90 candy bars for 30 students," your child should divide the 90 candy bars by the 30 students, so that each student receives 3 candy bars.)

* Are you using Google Draw for your math poster?

* Which idiom are you writing about?

* Does marking the evidence on Daily Reading Comprehension help you? If yes, why?

* What did you think about the various articles about cheating? What was the most interesting detail? (I recommend asking to look at the articles and read them with your child. The fear of getting a "good grade" has often been cited as a reason why students cheat. Would be interesting to discuss how you feel about cheating and getting an A vs. getting a lower grade honestly.)

* How far did you get in the Hour of Code?

Update from Mrs. Holder:


We are wrapping up our study of Ancient Egypt! The test for Chapter 5 was today and included multiple choice and short answer questions. Next week we will finish an activity we started this week about a new tomb found near King Tut's tomb. Questions for the week include-

*Tell me about the new tomb? What did archaeologists find? What do you think will happen next?

*How do you feel about your History test?

*Did you attend Open Lab to prepare? (9 students participated)


The test for Chapters 4/5 will be next Thursday, 12/17. All students have a study guide which should be completed and ready for review/corrections/questions on Monday. The study guide includes graded graphic organizers as well as study pages. Questions include:

*When will you begin studying for your test?

*Do you need to make arrangements to see Mrs. Holder for any clarifying questions/review?