The Black Death

By Jason Lang


first you should know a little about black death. the black death arrived in Europe in 1347 when a fleet of 12 trading ships docked in a harbor in Europe with almost all the crew dead and the rest of them extremely ill. the king ordered the ships out but he was too late. the black death had already gotten a lot of people sick and some dead. the people on the ships had odd black boils on their skin that oozed blood pus and gave their illness its name "The Black Death." the plague killed 75-200 million people.

cause and spread

The Black Death is a deadly virus and the cure is rare. animals are infected and fleas will bite infected animals and then the fleas will bite your pet and the fleas will bite you. once you get bit then you will have the plague. the plague can also enter your body through a break in your skin and can also enter your body through your nose and mouth.


the black death has many horrifying symptoms such as: bleeding through the rectum, vomiting, diarrhea, dying skin, sudden onset of fever and chills, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches and stiffens, and a ball or lump the size of a chicken egg.


if you do not want to get the plague then you want rodent proof your home. you also want to use insect repellent and keep your pets free of fleas.


black death is mostly in Africa, mostly in urban areas, overcrowded city's with poor sanitation, and places with high rat population.


black death is responsible for killing over 75-200 million people and over half of Europe's population was wiped out before the plague ended in 1350.
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