What Motivates Children to Read

Love to read!

*Motivation plays a major role in learning.

*Children who are motivated to read spend more time reading than those who are not motivated.

*Children who spend more time reading can comprehend better than children who spend little time reading.

*There are three major factors that get children excited about reading: personal interest, book characteristics (funny, scary and great illustrations), and choice.

Teachers should assess children’s interest at the beginning and throughout the school year through reading conferences and interest inventories.

*Access to books is critical to the amount of reading children do and to their reading achievement. Having a classroom library with a wide variety of books to chose from and being able to visit the school library is very important.

*Teachers, family members and peers were the greatest sources of referrals. Children in the study most frequently responded that they found books they wanted to read from their friends.

This is why book talks are so important.

*Of course we know the importance of spending time daily reading aloud to children, giving them time to read, and share what they are reading with one another.

Children who are motivated to read will spend more time reading, and research supports the positive effect of increased reading on reading achievement.