Joyful Jellyfish

By: Gabriella Krol


What marine animal has floated in the ocean for millions of years, even before dinosaurs lived? They are made of 90% water, and can sometimes kill a human. Who are these fascinating creatures? Maybe… Jellyfish! These amazing invertebrates are like no other, because of their unique habitat, body structure, and tentacles.


As you can see jellyfish are amazing,sometimes dangerous creatures.

Think Tank!

For my think tank I did a quizzle, a comic, a shape poem, and a word wall.
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Word wall

species of jellyfish
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Go fish

I got a budget of $250 to set up a saltwater aquarium. I chose a blue/green theme, even though a couple fish are red. As my background for my tank I used a background with bamboo. I also bought a 20 gallon tank, and filled about 1/10 of it with blue and white gravel. i also got 2 big blue plants, 1 small green plant, and 2 caves for my fish to sleep and hide in. In addition to that, I bought six fish, and 5 species. 2 blue damsels, 1 mandarin fish, 1 blue siamese fighting fish, 1 lyretail anthias, and finally one carpenters flasher wrasse. I had $24.40 left


I created a diorama of the ocean using paper, a shoe box, sea shells, coral, clay, pipe cleaners, and an egg carton.
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1- coral

2- starfish

3- clam

4- sea horse

5- turtle

6- squid

7- tuna

8- whale

9- jellyfish

10- dolphin


Exotic Jellyfish


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