Maverick's Surf Shop

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This business started from the bottom in 2010 and has made its way to the top. Claudia, the starter of the business is a professional surfer who knew what had to be done in the surfing industry. She has had sole proprietorship of this business since day one and is still a very active sales person. Along with this, she is a surf teacher, giving private lessons as well as group lessons, and runs a surf camp for 6 weeks out of the summer.
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We Sell The Boards in The Nation

We manufacture our boards from fresh giant sequoia trees. They may be personalized just to fit you.

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You'll find exactly what you,re looking for!

Besides surfboards, we sell and rent out paddle boards, kitesurfing boards and kites, snowboards, kayaks, and canoes. We hold kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding trips where we paddle out of inlets and into the Atlantic Ocean.

We also sell the best swimming, cover up/beach apparel for the best prices for both the beach babes and surfer dudes. We sell our own, authentic one of a clothing line that ranges from summer apparel to winter apparel.

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Come To Our Shop!!

Summer Store Hours:

Mon. - Sat. 6am-7pm

Sundays - 11am-5pm

Winter Store Hours:

Mon. - Sat. 8am-5pm

Sundays - 11am-5pm

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We Are Here For You

We'd love to get anyone out there on the water.

If you love what we've got, come stop buy. People who are beginner surfers, or would like to be, as well as professional or traveling surfers would love this shop. We produce all of our boards our selves, right here in the small town of Pawleys Island. They are made from the best Sequoia wood, sent here from the west coast.

Jerry Meyer of the kitesurfing industry loves my business!

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