The country basics

My country is Montenegro the capital is Podgorica. The meaning behind the flag is symbolizing the unity of church and state.


Montenegro is surrounded by Bosnia,Herzegovia,Serbia,Kosovo,Albania.

The three major land forms are Piva river, Tara river, Lim river.

major landmarks are ostrog, monastery, our lady of rocks, millennium bridge.

Major bodies of water Bay of kotor, lake skadar, Adriatic sea.

The enviornment is affecting the people because people are killing many spechies of animals.


The government type is republic. The leaders are president filip vujanovic, the prime minister is milo djukanovic. The leaders are chosen from elections 2 rounds of voteing and they stay president for 5 years. They need education for 15 years.


They have a poor nation with a gdp of 3.08 billion US Dollars.

They use euros as they money they use to pay.

exports: manufactured goods, raw materials and agicutral produce

imports: fuels, lubricants, machinery transport

Birth rate 10.42/1000 population drinking water improved by urban 100% of the population, rura 99.2%/99.7% of their population.


The people in Montenegro wear western style clothing. Their major languages are Serbian 42.9%,Montenegrin (official) 37%, Bosnia 5.3%. Their 3 major holidays are New years January 1, independence day may 21, Easter Monday April 13. Their religions are Orthodox 72.1%, Muslim 19.1%, catholic 3.4%. Popular foods is garnish of vegetables,meat,pork,beef,poultry meat.


General weather conditions Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers and autumns, cold winters with snowfalls. The yearly rainfall is all in the whole year except in the summer. The average yearly temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. The climate dose not affect the country.


The war of Balkan league it was a war in between Bulgaria, Serbian, Greece, and Montenegro.

World war 1 Montenegro against Austria-hungry August 7,1914

compare and contrast

Both Montenegro and the United states have republic as their government. Both Montenegro and the United states have elections to vote for their presidents.