Organic coffee retailer

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The normal salary for an 1 - 4 years of experience is $20,000 to $46,000 a year. For 5 - 9 years of experience is $23,672 to $42,574 a year. For 10 - 19 years of experience is $14,597 to $57,207 a year. Your average pay

Education needed to be a organic coffee retailer

To become an organic coffee retailer you have to have a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies. Also you need a Master's in Planning Sustainable. To help you have a better chance you could go 3 years as an Environmental Consultant.

Job description and duties

The job duties are to import all the organic coffee beans. Another job duty is to package and sell the coffee beans. The description of the job is that you have to try to promote your organic coffee beans. Sometimes you can go to coffee shops and markets to promote your organic coffee beans.

Environmental relationship between the environment and the job

Since the coffee beans are all organic you know that there are no harsh chemicals going into the soil.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some advantages to being an organic coffee retailer is if people like the taste of your coffee and you can make pretty good money. One disadvantage is people might not like the taste of organic coffee compared to other coffee.

Interesting fact

Coffee beans are imported from Colombia.


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