What Your Coach Can Do For You

The Role of Your Instructional Coach

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As we continue through the school year, I wanted to remind each of you that I am available to support the teaching and learning in your classrooms through coaching cycles.

Coaching Cycles

My focus this year is engaging in one-on-one coaching cycle with teachers. Although this is a part of my focus, this does not limit my work with teachers. Ideally, a majority of my work beyond training, professional development, mentoring, data teams, and committee work should focus on the parts of a coaching cycle. As a third year coach, I am continuing to work on developing my skills as a coach and supporting teachers in their craft. I am not an expert, I am a collaborator and support for all!

Here is a list of the parts of a coaching cycle (although this list is not limited):

  • Coaching Conversation
  • Video
  • Observation (several different tools can be used to gather student data)
  • Teacher identify a goal (teacher chooses where the work will go)
  • Teacher identifies a teaching strategy to use to hit the goal
  • The use of checklists based on teaching strategy
  • Coach models strategy and/or the coach and teacher co-teach
  • Teacher implements the practice
  • Data is gathered (by coach or teacher while viewing video of students or teacher-teacher choice)
  • Coach and teacher debrief about practice
  • Teacher can modify until their personal goal is met

Sample Coaching Cycle topics

  • Purpose statements
  • Productive Group Work/Accountable Talk
  • MTSS
  • Close Reading
  • Student Time on Task
  • Positive vs. Negative Feedback
  • Strategy/New Practice Implementation specific to teacher (versus whole building data collection)
  • Wait Time
  • Opportunities to Respond
  • Disruptions
  • Transition Time
  • Teacher Talk vs. Student Talk
  • Types of Questioning (open ended, yes/no, right/wrong)
  • Any other instructional support you would like to address that impacts student learning and/or behavior

If you're interested in participating in a coaching cycle, let me know!

I'm here to support the teaching and learning occurring in your classroom!

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