Resources Galore!!!

Check out these educational resources for any classroom!

Voices In The Dark

Voices in the dark is a great resource for audio books. Students can follow along as they listen to text read by real people!

Cut MP3

This useful tool allows you to take pieces of an mp3 without having to mess with the code. This is useful for incorporating music that is relevant to a topic without having to play to whole song or wast time looking for the perfect spot.


Use iNudge to create music by drawing. This will help students to understand the sound that correlates with various note positions on a staff! You can make patterns or images, listen to how they sound, and then adapt them to make the music you want to hear!


Use Dirpy to take audio from YouTube videos without having to jump through hoops. This is perfect for embedding music into your work without having to show the music video or lose sound quality.

Art Pad

This interactive website allows you to paint a picture using brush strokes. The thing that makes this paint took unique is that it records the entire process and plays it back as a video.


This is a quick and simple way to record audio or video with embed code.


Odosketch is a really cool way to make sketch images online. This tool has been used to make some very cool images! Kids will just love playing with it and showing off their creativity!

Voice Draw

This fun tool allows you to draw using your voice. The site uses the volume level to determine the direction of the line it is drawing. This can be used not only for art, but to give students a visual representation of sound levels.

5 Card Flicker

This fun story telling game challenges its players to be authentic and creative. The site offers a cluster of random images and you select five of them. Once your pictures are selected, you write a story using the images as the story line. This is a great tool for teaching story telling, English grammar, as well as the importance of order in writing.


Fuzzwich is a great app for making story telling fun! Kids create their own animations to stories. This can be used to summarize reading, write their own stories, or make predictions of stories being read in class. No matter how you use it, the fun and exciting process of making animations will engage the entire classroom.

Fuzzwich for education: a tutorial


Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you can make and share on any device. Teachers and students can use the free class accounts to manage students without email, create assignments and build beautiful libraries.

Read Write Think

This innovative writing tool provides various writing formats to encourage students to think outside the box with their writing. Students have to option to choose from newspaper, flyer, brochure and more layouts to be the design of their writing. This is a great way to foster real-life writing that will be useful to our students forever.