CCA Celebrations

From the Learning Department

December Edition

Check out some of the wonderful words of thanks coming from our families. Let's celebrate these and all staff members working hard for our students.

Sarah Carr

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to let you know how much I really appreciate you. As I am sure you know, being a single father of an autistic child is not easy. Finding you and this program has made my world, and my student's, so much brighter. It has been a struggle to find him the right place for his education and I was given up hope on the idea he would ever finish school. Now I believe he has a chance to learn and grow on a level that is right for him!! I can’t thank you enough!!

Keri Shaw

Ms. Shaw,

I just wanted to tell you something that might help you know how you are appreciated. Last week after watching one of your LiveLessons, my student put down her notes, paused, and then said, "I think I like Algebra!" She watches your LLs every day and follows the notes. She has to listen to the lessons out loud because the headphone port on her school laptop doesn't work. We can hear how you explain things, and especially how you help kids with their math anxiety. That stands out to me as a non-math person, anyway. She just likes the way you do things. I felt I should tell you about this. We appreciate our teachers!

Sarah Christman

Mr. Fraser,

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter, Hope, who has been with CCA since 1st grade has improved her reading and math abilities exponentially. I attribute this specifically to the synchronous program and her teacher, Mrs. Sarah Christman. I cannot find the right words to express how I feel. I am literally crying because of the gratitude I feel. We cannot afford private school and if we were in a traditional B & M she would have been swept along.

Thank you!

Jodi Offutt

Hey, Mrs. Offutt!

I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me at the Keystones. I got my results back for the tests, and I thought of your story about being concerned about your college test and then scoring the highest out of the class, because I scored Advanced in Algebra!! I scored Advanced in Bio and Lit too, but I'm especially excited about Algebra since I was so worried about it. Thanks again for caring about me even when I was no longer your student. :)

Hi Mrs. Offutt,

So, once again thank you for calling and speaking to my student today, I hope that you will see a difference in his work to come. I think that he freezes up on tests. I keep telling him to slow down and consider each question, and I believe that you noticed he doesn't. I'm happy that you've given him a new perspective. Every teacher that has done that has seen that he does better when he knows that you care about his work, not that you just slap a grade on it and move along, which is the main reason that I pulled my student out of his home school. Which is one of the best schools in the area. I feel that they just passed him along and didn't care, when all they really had to do is notice him.

Well, again I thank you for calling and giving him a shot in the arm. I hope you see a difference.

Jennifer Vogt

Hi Mrs. Vogt,

Your LiveLesson sessions are amazing.. my student is able to leave LL and do her work basically on her own. You cover the lessons really well and I think she is doing so well because of how you are teaching them.

Thanks so much for your support.

Diane Adkins

Hello again,

I just wanted to truly let you know that I really do appreciate your time and talking with me. I know how busy you are so it means so much to me. I just want to make the best decision possible. It was great to reconnect with you. You are a true pleasure to talk to, you sound like my third grade teacher that I had who just had that special gift for teaching and really connected with all of my classmates. She was loved by all and is one that I will never forget as I'm sure you have many students and families who feel the same way :)

Thank you again.

Rachel Parker

Mrs. Parker,

Due to some recent events in my life I felt like I had to email you and tell you something. When you were my guidance counselor, you helped me a lot. I ended up talking to you a lot, like, twice weekly. I don't even remember why I talked to you so much but I did and I wanted to tell you. You helped me a lot. You really touched my life in incredible ways. I want to say thank you and that you're absolutely incredible.

Spiri Howard

Dear Mr. Fraser,

I wanted to write to you expressing my level of satisfaction with my daughter's 3rd grade experience this year. I almost had my daughter switch to a cyber school associated with the local school district, which was trying to convince me to do so. As a last minute decision I decided to give Connections Academy another chance, this time with the gifted program, and I could not be happier with my decision. Spiri Howard is a wonderful and dedicated teacher who is knowledgeable about pedagogical approaches and knows how to effectively engage students in the learning experience. I am a science educator and very attentive to these types of things. Spiri has implemented so many great ideas this year, including breakout sessions, focus on STEM, etc. Her LiveLessons are so engaging and enriching that my daughter puts on an alarm so that she does not miss them. Spiri encourages deep thinking, clear communication, collaboration among students, questioning and curiosity, and so much more. My daughter, being in the gifted program, has a lot of work to do but she is never tired of the work. She loves the projects and assignments and actually yearns to learn. Spiri brings that out in her and other students. Just today my daughter screamed out of joy during a LiveLesson session because Spiri announced that they would be having a meet & greet session focusing on STEM on Dec.14th. My daughter is excited beyond belief about that. The idea is absolutely wonderful! Spiri doesn't just teach the content and check off her tasks. She goes out of her way to be an effective teacher in an actual classroom making the students feel as though they are in an actual classroom. I am overall very happy about the gifted program and Spiri's work as a teacher. She is a fantastic addition to the Connections program and I hope more and more teachers in this cyber school follow her footsteps.

Thank you for your attention.

Kim Rogusky

Hi Ms. Rogusky!

I wanted to thank you for a great semester so far! I've really liked our class and I'm thankful to have such a great counselor. I was a little intimidated to start senior year but it's going really well and I'm so excited by that - thanks to you! Thank you for all of your guidance and support in everything! You are awesome and it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you for everything so far! :)

Ms. Rogusky,

I can't thank you enough for the help you have given my student and myself when I had concerns. You are the best.

You made this year very special for my student. With all he went through you were right there to help him and that means more than you know. I just wanted to let you know what a special person you are and what a great counselor you are. I am glad you love your job, you are very good at it. Whoever gets you next year as their counselor is very lucky to have you.

Thank you again.

Neil Tichelaar

Mr. T,

When I look back at this school year I look at all the inside jokes we had and the fun. I always looked forward to your LiveLessons because you made them fun when they should be, and serious when the needed to be. You have made us all love Social Studies. I, for one, will never forget you and how you taught us so well.

Meghan Tavani

Hello Mrs. Tavani,

I just wanted to say I gladly appreciate all the help you gave me last year. It was very tough but without you helping me BIG TIME I don't think I would be where I am now. You have no idea how great it feels to be a 12th grader now ^_^ I just wanted to say thank you very much.


My son is an 11 grade student at Connections Academy. He has severe anxiety. Meghan is wonderful and has gone above and beyond her job description to help us. I just wanted to let you know what an asset she is to CCA. She has helped me more that she even knows and I wanted to let someone know.

Lynden Miloszewski

Miss Milo,

It was great to connect with you today! My student was like a completely different kid. He was excited about your LiveLesson. He said many times that you are the best teacher in the world. He wanted to do the extra activity papers and did not complain once about writing. I am so thankful that we have found something that he connects with. I cannot wait to see where he is by the end of this semester. Today was a great start for a successful rest of the school year.

Jodie Zangaro

Ms. Zangaro,

Thank you for being an awesome guidance counselor. The time my student and I spent in one of your lessons made a profound effect on our lives as a whole. i would like to thank you for being a part of her educational team and life.

Ms. Zangaro,

Thank you for all that you do and for being so helpful and kind! Thanks for going out of your way! You are truly appreciated.

Ellen Hartman

Hello! I cannot express how happy I am to be in your class. I've had quite a few not-so-great experiences with teachers. But you are by far the best teacher I've ever had- not to mention you're teaching one of my favorite classes.

Alanna Van Fleet & Megan Weintraub

Dear Mr. Knipper,

I just wanted to send along a note of appreciation for your work and, especially, for Mrs. Van Fleet's wonderful guidance of my daughter this year. My daughter was in a special situation, having finished 4th grade plus 5A last school year. Her transition to 5B in September went very smoothly, because Mrs. Van Fleet took a lot of time to make her feel comfortable and welcomed, especially with the homeroom teacher change. Our experience finishing up 5B with both Mrs. Van Fleet and Mrs. Weintraub was a joy. They lent help at every step of the way. Recently, my daughter transitioned successfully to 6th grade classes with the great confidence that she gained in 5th grade.

Katie Hanford

P.S. You are my fave and best P.E teacher I ever had. Thanks a lot for telling us that just because you are a kid you can still eat right. With your help and with everything I learn I will tell my friends that just because you're kid doesn't mean you don't have to worry about your health. You still have to eat right and work out. All the things I'm going to tell them are going to be because of you. Thank you so much. Don't think you're doing this all for nothing because right now you got me thinking about my heath a lot. You can be doing the same for other kids just like me so I'm telling you this because I want you to know I don't think you are doing this for nothing.

Have a wonderful winter break!