Municipal Alliance

The Municipal Alliance is a grant program sponsored by GCADA, the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse.

The mission is to provide our citizens both young and old with education and resources dealing with alcohol and drugs.

We provide many “Natural High” events in town so our community can enjoy and experience without having to be under the influence. Some events are the Alliance Carnival, HalloWharton, Skate on the Canal, Alliance Dances and our 5K Color Run.

We also support programs in our school such as Peer to Peer and Conflict Resolution run by our guidance departments. We offer special assemblies and programs for both students and parents to promote awareness and education.

We support and partially fund the L.E.A.D. program (formerly D.A.R.E.) for our 5th & 7th graders.

Municipal Alliance has a page on the town website with many resources for addiction. The Town website is

We have an amazing committee that represents many facets of town so we gave great input from everyone.

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2016-2017 Borough of Wharton Municipal Alliance Committee

William J. Chegwidden, Mayor for Borough of Wharton

Chief Anthony Fernandez, Chief of Police

Christopher Herdman, Superintendent of Wharton Schools

Dawn Klose, Wharton PTA Treasurer

Tara Demeo, Wharton Soccer President

Nicole Wickenheisser, Councilwoman to Borough of Wharton

Robyn Lance, Wharton Kids First Representative

Pastor Kath, Cultural Pastor at Wharton United Church

Kyle Dorr, Juvenile Corrections for Morris County

Noelle Ghebreal/Joey Schiele, Youth Representatives

Kevin Hernandez, College Representative

Carol Miller, Borough of Wharton Registered Nurse

Susan Downer, Borough of Wharton Health Offical