Alexander The Great

By:Daniel Chai

How Was He Important?

Alexander the Great was a Greek king that beat the whole Persian Empire in battle.

What Did He Do To Contribute To Society.

Alexander the Great was one of the great rulers of Greece.He became King at 21 years old.When his father was alive he taught him strength and strategy.This helped him win battles against everyone he faced.He ruled Greece,what was the Persian Empire,and Egypt.

How Did He Contribute To Society

Alexander was a great king.He was good and smart in leading his people.He won many victories,including Persia.

6 Fun Facts

#1.Alexander died from Malaria

#2.The strategy used in battle was running straight at their enemy with their spears together.

#3.Alexander never went back to Greece after setting foot in Persia.

#4.In 15 years he never lost a battle

#5.He made cities called Alexandria

#6.Alexander was born on July 19,356 B.C.E.