Party Hater's Wanted

Do you hate 'parties' but wish you could have the benefits?

I Have a Proposal!

I know that many of you who love Beautycounter would love to take advantage of the sweet perks like half off or even free products, but absolutely hate the idea of hosting a Social. I have never been a 'Party' person either, but in my Beautycounter defense my Socials are more about education than sales! My number one goal is to help my friends and family learn about what they are absorbing into their skin and what role that can play in their overall health. It doesn't matter to me what brand that you switch to just as long as it is safe. Beautycounter is not the only company making safe products, but I happen to believe that we have some really great products and a mission to match and that is why I have chosen this to be my platform.

So here goes my proposal. Pick a month in which you want to make an order and contact me to get your name on that month's social. Any orders I get that month I will have added to it. Some months will be better than others so I cannot guarantee what your perks will be but it would likely get you at least one 1/2 off product!!! So what's the catch? All I ask you to do in return is to educate someone you know about safer beauty. That could be getting them to download the "Healthy Living" App on their phone, sharing our "Never List", letting them know about a safer product you love (and if it's Beautycounter maybe they'll want one and add it to your social), challenging them to find a safer deodorant. Those are just a few examples but the list can go on and on.

I know that Beautycounter can be hard to fit into the budget so I am continually looking for ways that I can provide you some savings and make a switch to a product that you would love to have in your arsenal. We are working to find ways to get our amazing research to the hands of everyone as is evident with our announcement of our partnership with Target coming this fall that will include 12 unique product offerings and 5 sets specially created for Target with prices ranging from $12 to $39. Please continue to check my Beautycounter/amystuart Facebook page to learn more about safe beauty, take advantage of deals, and get first info on new product launches.