10 Rules for My Utopian Society

By: Eric Evonsion

My 10 Rules.

Rule 1. Everyone must have a steady job, and if they do not they will be providied with one.

Rule 2. Everyone will have the option to marry anyone that they want.

Rule 3. Everyone will have access to free education through the college level.

Rule 4. Everyone will be able to have whatever type of food and whatever quantity they want.

Rule 5. All children have the option to go to school whenever feels neccesary.

Rule 6. Everyone will have access to the latest technology at the time.

Rule 7. Anyhting requested by anyone will be given to them as quickly as possible.

Rule 8. No one will work more than 40 hours a week.

Rule 9. All electronic devices will be water and fire proof.

Rule 10. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in any sports, at any level.