Death of Marilyn Monroe

Mecca Gordon~Period 7~05/04/16

Who, What, When, Where, Why's

On August 5, 1962, movie actress Marilyn Monroe is found dead in her home in Los Angeles. She was discovered lying on her bed, face down, with a telephone in one hand and in the other empty bottles of pills, prescribed to treat her depression.(history, pg1, 2009) Marilyn Monroe overdosed and died at the young age of 35. Monroe was the classic rags to riches story a young female actress that had found the American dream, but then threw it away right at the peak of her fame. Monroe's childhood was no walk in the park, but instead she went from foster home to foster home.

Media perspective 1

The media viewed Monroe's death as very traumatic event to the Hollywood community and it's fans. Even with the sad event happening more than 50 years ago the media did not fail to mention how her talent was greater than her beauty. They also mention her unfortunate childhood she says " I was never used to being happy but it not something I take for granted". Monroe is an American icon the is still well know 5 decades later.

Media Perspective 2

The media also suspected that Marilyn Monroe's death was not self inflected. It is well believed that the Kennedys had a part to play in the death. Monroe supposedly had affairs with President John F. Kennedy and then his brother Robert F. Kennedy after the president passed her along to him. The murder supposedly was conducted by giving her a lethal injection via enema. Traces of pills were not found in her stomach during the autopsy and nothing to drink the pills with was discovered in the room either. (vultaggio,pg1,2015) This was something that the media kind of keep hidden and covered up to protect the reputation of the Kennedys and not to have bad publicity during elections .

Media Bias

The media back then was more about telling the people about news stories to inform them while keeping them happy. I don't think that the media ever really shared to autopsy reports in the same way that they shared the news about her death; today I think that the reports would be all over the place. The media also did not seem to show any emotion toward the topic; I was all very monotone.

feminist criticism

As we know feminist criticism was big in the 60s. Marilyn Monroe started as a model and worked her way to acting. Monroe became an beauty icon, but her talent was never forgotten. In old old news videos reporting her death it mentioned her tree ex-husbands non of who she was married to when she passed. They discuss Monroe exes as man who built her up to the acting industry as if she could have not gotten there alone. These famous high profile men are alluded to in just about every news story from 1962. Though I never knew her story or how she pass till now, I always loved her quotes that inspired and built confidence in young girls to do and be what they want.

Cultural Criticism

Marilyn Monroe is an American legend. It was more than 55 years ago when Monroe received her star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Still to this day young people know about her fame and success as an actress. Stores still sell wall art of Monroe featuring her quotes, classic style, and unforgettable stardom. Monroe is will well know and is still an icon in our culture and I don't think that her fame will fade anytime soon.
news of Marilyn Monroe's death


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