Personality Project

by: Sydney Stevens

"The Perfect Mother"

When I was young, I only ever wanted to be around my mom. This can be compared to Carl Jung's theory of archetypes. She was very close to my archetype for the perfect mother, so I was very attached to her. Having a good relationship with my mom helped shape my personality because I grew up in a loving household.
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"The Move"

When I was 6, I moved from the only home I remembered living in to a home across town. I relate this to Bandura's theory of personality development, which states that people choose their environment, and that environment influences them. I hung out with a much larger friend group, and had to learn how to be around a lot of people who all wanted attention from one another. Learning to deal with this new environment helped me be comfortable in large groups.
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"The First Audition"

When I was 8 years old, I auditioned for my first musical at the palace theater. This relates to Erikson's stages of personality. I had then to choose between industry and inferiority. I really had to think if I could make it in the acting world or not. Being cast in the show, the performance side of my personality became a huge part of who I am.
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"Saying Goodbye"

When I was 11, my grandmother passed away from cancer after a 6 year battle. I relate this to the Carl Rogers humanist theory of personality. The death of a loved one is a very heavy thing to deal with, so I had to learn to manage my emotions. I pushed myself to handle the death well because I wanted to be strong for my parents. This is similar to Roger's theory because it states that personality is made from conscious choices of trying to be better. Being there for other people and strong in the face of bad events then became part of my personality.
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"Freshman Year"

When I was 14, I started my first year of high school. It was a chance form me to decide anew who I wanted to be. It relates to Erikson's theory of personality, at the stage of identity versus role confusion. I got the chance to make really strong new friendships I still have today, and some friends who only lasted a couple months. I got to realize what types of people I wanted to be friends with and how they would fit with my identity.
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"Planning for the Future"

This year, I had to apply to colleges and make every important decisions about my future. This also brought up Erikson's theory again. I again had to deal with identity versus role confusion, because I had to seriously consider what I wanted to do with my life. All the personality traits I had developed up to that point played a role in my final choice, and I also had to develop a sense of independence.
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