Escape Slavery!

Come to the North!

Haven in Canada

Way up north there is a land Called Canada, where slavery doesn't exist and darkies can live like any white folk, free from the Peculiar Institution that has ailed them all of their lives in America.

Escaping the Plantation

To get out of the "Black Belt" and to Canada, you'll first need to escape. Choose a nice, quiet time at night and start running. Go North by finding the North Star at night, or watching the birds fly North after the Winter during the daytime. In order to reach the Ohio River, the boundary between slave and free states, you'll need to be very careful; if you get caught your overseer will have you flogged bloody. Hide during the day and run during the night, wade through streams to mask your scent and keep the dogs off your trail, and if you meet anyone claiming to be from the Underground Railroad, trust them. They are a vast network of people in place to help escaping slaves just like yourself, and if anyone can get you to safety, they can.

Life as a Fugitive

Even in the free states in the North, you will find no safety. You are still a fugitive, and many people will still turn you in, even if they do disapprove of Slavery. Once you make it to Ohio, the people of the underground railroad will instruct you on where to find safe houses. You will travel North through Cleveland and then cross Lake Eyrie into Canada. Once you are there, try to stay under the radar. If you come back to America and start inciting problems with the slaves, you will almost certainly be executed, like Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner.

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